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TM Express for SAP TM

Cost-Effective, Rapid & Risk Free SAP TM Implementations

The Trade Promotions Challenge

The Case for SAP Trade Management

Drive revenue, volume & internal margin growth in line with customer category growth targets
Integrated volume and promotion planning process allowing for continuous adjustments to changing market conditions
Improved accuracy in volume planning, optimized production & inventory
– Establish transparent processes empowering planners with visibility into targets, funds, guardrails, guideline, trade promotion effectiveness and ROI
Enhanced visibility into KPIs on all levelss of the organisation allowing to review plan changes in real time and to track & manage progress regarding internal & external targets
Easy reconciliation of deductions / settlements to prevent revenue leakage
– Allows to increase productivity and maximize ROI
– Full integration with ERP and Demand Planning, including automated updates of master data, actuals, pricing, funds etc.
– Use of AI/ML technology to proactively optimize promotions and funds allocation (optional, dependent on availability of historic data)

SAP Trade Management – Basic Process

SAP Trade Promotion Management is complete, integrated solution for planning, execution and analysis of trade promotions, supporting decision making process. Allows to understand the impact on volume and margin for both, the company and the retailer. Actively manage promotion execution and finally give real-time insight into key performance indicators for daily performance management.

Trade Management – Implementation Challenges

– Time to implement vs. Timing of planning cycles
– Implementation cost
– Complexity of business processes
– Scope overload / scope creep – trying to achieve too much in one go
– Customer specific developments, like KPIs, Promotion Types, complex approval or accrual processes, …
– Availability of quality data (e.g. sell out data required for indirect customers)
– Organisational change management
– Experience with the SAP Trade Management Solution and interdisciplinary know how of functional and technical areas
– Lack of resources cross-skilled across ECC & S/4 (SD/FI/CO), SAP CRM and SAP BW

Why TM Express?


Faster Return of Investment


Shorter time to market


Reduced risk implementation


Standard implementation, reduced maintenance


Think big, start small, stay focused

Low Risk

Predictable implementation time and budget

Rapid SAP TM Implementation with TM Express

– Menu type, pick & choose project definition approach → Fixed price, fixed time line
– Focus on Essentials: Reduce complexity – Get the 80% up and running quickly – Learn, Improve, Iterate
– Define the roadmap, stay open for future requirements
– Business processes best practises & methodology
– Implementation accelerators
→ Customer specific demo system, available for BBP and beyond
→ Cookbook-style implementation guides, templates, checklists, …
→ Automation where possible
– Hands-On blueprinting on demo environment
→ Get it right the first time
→ Jump-start training and change management
– Combined implementation experience of TekLink and NSP

TM Express for SAP TM – What You Get…

What You Get: Structure & Targets

Core Deliverables
– Defined organizational structure
– Define & implement up to 20 responsibility areas
– SAP standard planning P&L for target setting
– SAP standard business roles
– Loading of listings from ECC, manual maintenance of assortments
– Define targets manually or import from flat files
– Track / monitor targets in the planning UI

Optional Add-Ons (Custom implementation / development available on request)
– Additional responsibility areas, KPI’s, …
– Define and assign additional roles, assign users to roles
– Detailed target planning
– Initial load / manual maintenance of listings, assortments,

What You Get: Customer Planning

Core Deliverables
– CBP (customer planning) at product hierarchy level (SKU product)
– Trade, consumer and normalized units of measure
– Multiple view of KPIs for planners to track progress
– Customer planning P&L updated in real time with promotion data
– Snapshots of plan for reporting

Optional Add-Ons (Custom implementation / development available on request)
– Top-Down and Bottom-Up planning
– Extensions to planning P&L (custom P&L, custom KPIs)
– Different calendar views
– Retailer KPIs, retailer calendar, retailer targets
– Baseline builder (Store Openings, New Products, …)
– Planning for indirect customers (sell out data required, …)

What You Get: Funds Planning

Core Deliverables
– Maintain funds
– Visibility into funds check book
– Fund and budget monitor visible in promotion
– Fund determination based on product group/customer

Optional Add-Ons (Custom implementation / development available on request)
– Fund determination based on custom rules
– Check budget availability during processing promotion (AVC)

What You Get: Promotion Planning

Core Deliverables
– Promotion planning, up to 3 promotion types, calendar view
– Adjust promotion plan to achieve internal targets and funds plan
– Standard SAP TM scenario planning (What-If)
– Standard status profile
– Fast promotion entry from customer planning
– SAP standard promotion KPIs, P&L & ROI calculation
– Real time update of promotion plan to customer P&L
– Promotion planning at product or PPG level (stored on product level)

Optional Add-Ons (Custom implementation / development available on request)
– Custom promotion approval process
– Enhancements to standard SAP TM Scenario planning
– Alerts or warnings based on guidelines, overlap check rules, guardrails during planning or for customer reporting
– Additional / Non-standard promotion types and spend types
– Email notifications
– Enhancements to scenario planning

What You Get: Execution & Settlement

Core Deliverables
– Pricing condition generation
– Standard settlement reports
– Deductions/claims settlement against accruals in SAP TM
– Funds consumption consolidated reporting (standard check book)
– CO-PA Controlling integration

Optional Add-Ons (Custom implementation / development available on request)
– Rebate recipient determination in case of multiple payers

What You Get: Monitoring & Continuous Adjustment

Core Deliverables
– Visibility of internal targets & related KPIs through monitors
– Enable SAP CBP monitoring/reporting to show progress against targets
– Monitor Budget in Real Time
– Scenario Planning & Comparison

What You Get: Cross Functional Features

Core Deliverables
– Calendar view to ease promo planning
– Fast promotion entry screen from CBP customer planning
– Promo P&L & ROI and real time update of Customer P&L
– One view of KPIs (Fiori style tiles) for planners to track progress
– Visibility to internal targets & related KPIs through monitors

Optional Add-Ons (Custom implementation / development available on request)
– Custom UI enhancements

Core Deliverables
– Up to date actuals, master data & hierarchies from SAP ECC
– Automated update of pricing conditions based on promotions in SAP ECC
– Automated accruals & settlement of promotion funds in SAP ECC
– Data provisioning for Demand Planning
– Integration for pricing, accruals, claims, accounting, demand planning

Optional Add-Ons (Custom implementation / development available on request)
– Integration of sell-out / stock-on-hand data

Core Deliverables
– BW Business Content Installation
– Reporting, Dashboards
– Realtime view of plan adjustments
– SAC standard stories (8) available with TM

Optional Add-Ons (Custom implementation / development available on request)
– Ad Hoc Analysis / Custom SAC stories
– Reporting enhancements for custom P&L
– Mash-ups with data from SAP ECC
– Custom reporting / Alternate front end tools
– Integration with 3rd party Analytic tools
– SAP ATMA / TPO / DMF implementation

Core Deliverables
– Basic system setup within the scope of SAP TM for
→ SAP CRM, including CRM Middleware for ECC or S/4
→ SAP BW, including Business Content Activation
→ SAP ECC or S/4 – as far as required for SAP TM
→ BW standard data extraction configuration
– Review / Cross-check of customer setup for
→ SAP ERP pricing conditions
→ Product / Customer master data and hierarchies
→ Responsibility Area, Assortment
– Funds / Claims Management
– Train-the-Trainer sessions & training material

Optional Add-Ons (Custom implementation / development available on request)
– Marketing Calendar Management

Environment / System Requirements
– BW level (BW7.5 on HANA SP16 & higher OR BW4/HANA)
– CRM level (CRM 7.4 SP14 & higher)
– ECC or S/4 level (ERP 6.8 SP14 or S4HANA 1909 SP02 & higher)
– TMAC level (TMAC 4.0 SP4 & higher)
– TMAB level (TMAB 4.0 SP3 & higher)

TM Express: Assumptions & Conditions

– TM Express is assuming an SAP TM implementation based upon SAP TM standard functionality
– Geographical scope: 1 country or region, all developments in English language
– Customer and product hierarchies and relevant master data available in SAP ECC or S/4 without changes required for use in SAP TM
– Baseline data, list prices, Long Term Agreements, COGS, are available at the required level of granularity
– Listings are available in CRM, ECC or S/4and can be leveraged for assortments in SAP CBP
– Availability of required actuals data from ECC, S/4, BW, flat files or other structured, quality assured database or data warehouse

Out of Scope
– Overlapping of customer plans (across hierarchies)
– Additional dataflows or data harmonisation for external data, 3rd party data, reference data, …
– UI/UX customizations of standard customer or promotion planning screens
– Non-standard accruals (e.g. based on scan or sell-out data
– Any changes to ECC or S/4 customizations / developments (e.g. OTC configuration, billing, invoicing, dispute management, etc.
– Business / Organisational change management

Custom Services By NSP & TekLink

NSP & TekLink are ready to provide additional services in the context of an SAP TM implementation and beyond

– Conversion / migration of promotion data from current into new TM solution
– Cleansing, harmonization or integration of external data or applications with SAP TM solution
– Development of reports / analytics in custom front end tools other than Analysis office, BW Query or SAC
– Development of custom user interfaces for data entry or trade planning
– Changes to existing / implementation of new SAP CRM solutions
– Changes to existing / implementation of new Data & Analytics solutions:
→ Data integration, Data migration, Visualization, Analytics, Reporting, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, ….
– Changes to existing / implementation of new Financial Planning & Analytics / budget planning solutions

More information on TM Express Package you can find here.

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