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nearshoring services

who we are

We are Your SAP CX Nearshoring Partner in Europe.

We delivered over 120 nearshoring projects in Germany, Switzerland, BeNeLux, UK. 

We share the same geographical region as You. We share the same time zone as You. We share the same quality standards, work philosophy and attitude as You. We are professional, highly skilled team focused on SAP Projects Delivery in the nearshoring model. 
We can help You to significantly reduce SAP Project Delivery costs. We are mobile – can travel on Project side within 1 – 3 hours flight, mostly direct connections. We are based in Warsaw, Poland

what we do

SAP CRM Functional Services

  • SAP Sales Cloud Finetuning & Configuration
  • SAP Service Cloud Finetuning & Configuration
  • SAP Marketing Finetuning & Configuration
  • SAP CRM 7.0 Sales, Service, Marketing Customizing & Enhancements
  • SAP CRM 7.0 Middleware Customizing  / Enhancements

Development Services

  • SAP ABAP / BOL / GenIL Developments
  • SAP PDI Developments
  • JAVA, Web-services
  • IDOC/XIF Integration / Developments
  • BRF (Business Rule Framework) Developments
  • Event Callback Framework Developments
  • BTMF (Business Transaction Modeling Framework) Developments
  • SAP Workflow Developments

UI Services

  • SAPUI5 Developments
  • SAP WebUI / Business Server Pages
  • HTML Island
  • SAP Fiori Deployment / Enhancements

Integration Services

  • SAP Cloud Platform Integration
  • SAP Process Orchestration
  • oDATA Services


  • SAP HANA Data Artefacts Modeling (Calculation Views, Core Data Services)
  • SQL Procedures Scripting
  • SAP HANA SQL/ABAP Proxy Integration
  • RServer Integration
  • SAP HANA Rule Framework
  • SAP HANA Predictive Library

Migration Services

  • SAP Data Services
  • Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW)

Advanced Services

  • SAP Trade Promotion Management (Architecture, Implementation & Enhancement Consulting)
  • SAP Shared Service Framework (Architecture, Implementation & Enhancement Consulting)
  • SAP Marketing (Architecture, Implementation & Enhancement Consulting)


  • SAP Sales / Service Cloud – Proof of Concept Deployment
  • SAP Sales / Service Cloud – Customer Data Migration
  • SAP Sales / Service Cloud – SAP ERP Backend Integration – SCPI
  • SAP Sales / Service Cloud – SAP ERP Backend Integration – PO
  • SAP Marketing – Foundation Deployment
  • SAP Marketing – Advanced Deployment
  • SAP Commerce – SAP ERP Backend Integration – SCPI (Integration Flows / Communication Scenarios)

Data Science Services

  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Facebook Integration
  • Twitter Integration
  • Mass Email Integration (ex.: Freshmail)
  • Product Recommendation Models
  • Sentimental and semantic Text Analysis
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Customer Journey Map – Markov Model
  • Customer Profiles and Dependencies Correlation
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression
  • Classifications
  • KNN
  • Model Quality Evaluation

How do we work

Our team consists of highly educated, specialized and experienced professionals. Our general domain is SAP, specialization Customer Engagement and Commerce. We are English fluent.
Based on our experience in nearshoring services, we understand matter of common trust, high quality standards and full engagement in our joint partnership. Very important for us is collaborative environment and open communication. Our internal organization follows structured approach dedicated to make our delivery personal, highly qualified and highly responsive. Every project we manage by separate team, named resources and personal relation. We work proactively.
Single Point of Contact (SPOC) is our person to maintain our project relation, taking care of the right information flow between all members of the project team and taking care of our delivery standards.
Subject Matter Experts (SME) are functional and development consultants dedicated to service delivery.  Team Manager ensures the project progress according to agreed timing and budget.
Crucial for us is understanding of Your business processes and technical  requirements. We follow “Process through Solution to Product” principle. This way helps us to understand Your functional and architecture design and makes our delivery more aware.
We support different variety of project management tools, from JIRA to Mantis, because we understand meaning of functional design, respective technical specification, tasks status tracking and time reporting.
We work remotely and on-site. In direct model, we appreciate sense of personal meetings and necessary knowledge alignment sessions. In remote approach our presence on daily status and review calls is standard of our delivery.
We are very much interested in your feedback and our constant improvement process, so we ask you regularly to give us Your satisfaction surveys.

We are Nearshore Services Poland.

Nearshore Services Poland
Aleje Jerozolimskie 94
Warszawa, Poland

+48 604 279 798


® Nearshore Services Poland