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Product Recommendation Engine for SAP Commerce/ SAP Hybris

What is Recommendation Engine?

A product recommendation engine is a solution for eCommerce marketers that allows them to offer relevant product recommendations in real time. The main aim is to stimulate demand and engage customers.

Main benefits:

  • Enhances up-selling and cross-selling revenue

  • Allows customer to find product in demand faster and with more precision, which is critical for user experience

  • Opens the way for customer to discover new products

  • Provides a report of which group of products are the most popular

  • Increases the flexibility of inventory control

TOP Products Model

How it works?

TOP Product Model displays the most viewed or the most popular products amongst all products from SAP Commerce. It shows product cards in the form of the carousel. User can find interesting products faster, which is a significant improvement.

Collaborative model

Collaborative filtering combines what users buy, finds group of users which have similar taste and suggests appropriate group of products for particular customer. This process uses features of intelligent learning to give better recommendations. The more information it collects the better results are.

Association model

End to end process:

How it works?

When a client opens Product Details Page the recommendation model is triggered, and related items are presented underneath in various forms such as product carousel or popup like in examples below. Product recommendation model can simplify buying experience for end users. This mechanism also affects cart value.

NSP Integration Process

Recommendation Engine take advantages of Google algorithms and our Statistical Model which uses intelligent learning to provide valid data. We provide integration between recommendations and SAP Commerce to propose the best match for customers.

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