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NSP C4S - Ticketing

SAP Cloud for Service Ticketing system

Improved Customer services

  • Whether you are selling products or services, customer service is at the heart of success and customer retention

  • In many scenario customers requires special attention and support, an efficient process must be set in place

Enhancing customer experience

  • Easy handling of questions in the chat – no request will remain unanswered

  • Make sure the customers know how important they are to you

  • High quality responses ensured by seemless integration with MindTouch knowledge database

  • Friendly communication – service provided in customer language by an agent from the same region

SAP C4S Ticketing system – an agile tool for your employees

  • SAP C4S Ticketing system supports your employees in the efficient handling of service requests

  • Use all the advantages of easily configurable SLA functionality

  • Collect the latest data needed for reports and statistics

  • Improve your offer and adapt it to the requests and needs reported in each region

General service request workflow

  • Customer reports an issue by the communication channel of his choice

  • Using standard SLA funcionality, client is assigned to the appropriate consultant in the first line of support

  • If the consultant is unable to help the customer, his/her request is forwarded to the specialist in the second line of support

  • If the customer’s case is more demanding, his/her service request goes to the third line of support

SCENARIO I – Customer perspective – chat

  • A customer can submit a question, complaint, or comments via chat

Chat – view

Example of a conversation between a customer and a Service Agent on the chat

SCENARIO II – Customer perspective – web form

  • The second form of reporting a problem is filling in the proper form available on the website

Web form

  • Reporting an issue and filling data in the web form

  • Email confirmation that the service request has been created in the SAP C4S system

SAP C4S Ticketing system – Benefits for your customer

  • Easy reporting of a problem and issue or asking a question

  • Quick response to urgent notifications

  • Predictable wait time for the resolution of the request

  • Request confirmation via E-mail submitted by web form

  • Response and assistance of an agent in the customer’s region and his language

  • Individual approach tailored to the customer’s needs

SCENARIO III – Service Agent perspective

  • Seamless requests resolving process using C4S Ticketing system (Solution accepted)

  • Customer reports an issue on the chat

  • Service Agent accepts the chat and picks from the queue

  • If customers data doesn’t exist on the system, Service Agent provides it

  • Service Request is created in the system

  • Service Agent can use answers provided in the knowledge base (MindTouch)

  • Resolution is proposed to the customer

  • Customer accepts the solution, Chat is closed and Service Request is completed.

Chat – view

SAP C4S Ticketing system – Agent panel – all the necessary data in one place – tabs examples

  • Overview – most important informations on single tab

  • Interactions – entire conversation with customer in one place

  • Surveys – easily configurable surveys for your needs

  • Survey answers – answers to completed surverys

  • Attachments – images attached to service request

  • Notes – internal comments

  • Changes – access to ticket history

  • Involved Parties – the people involved to solve the problem

  • Sub-tickets – follow ups to main tickets

  • Products – affected products

  • MindTouch – easy access knowledge base

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

  • Ticket Priority – determining the urgency of the service request

  • Due dates – determining how much time is needed to resolve the ticket according to the set priority

Routing Rules

  • After providing Country in a webform, the service team is assigned from the same country

Address validation Tool

  • Great customer data quality

  • Reduced mistakes during data entry

  • Improved communication with customers

  • Maximum accuracy in profiling customers

SAP C4S – Service Request Overview Panel

  • Service tickets tabs, fields and sections can be visible or not depends on Service Agents needs – it is easy to customize

Address validation tool on Individual Customer Creation

  • Under Action Dropdown Service Agent should choose Validate Address option.

  • Individual Customer data has been updated.

Translation Tool

  • Improve translation efficiency

  • Better collaboration among hybrid teams

  • Under Action Dropdown Service Agent click on Translate and ticket description is translated.

  • The result of text translation on Service Request.

SAP C4S Ticketing system – MindTouch – Knowledge database

  • Easy access to knowledge database


  • Email with survey link can be sent to the customer

  • Customer fills in the survey

Survey answers

  • Possibility for Service Agent to check answers to surveys which has been sent to customer

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