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SAP Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Process Automation

  • SAP IRPA is a complete automation tool in which properly programmed robots work to imitate human activities (clicks, sending documents, etc.).

  • IRPA uses a combination of UI and API based access to create a stable connection to enterprise systems.

  • The tool can be used in the automation of business processes in finance, customer service, marketing and other areas.

Process Automation – advantages

  • Reduction of error-prone, time-consuming process in the organization thanks to intelligent bots implementing multi-system processes.

  • Streamline some or all aspects of your processes that will improve efficiency and effectiveness while lowering costs.

  • Increasing the accuracy, speed and efficiency of processes while reducing the number of human errors.

Use Case examples for Process Automation

  • Reporting a complaint directly on partner’s websites

  • Organizing service visits to customers.

  • Updating advertising graphics on the company’s websites.

  • Sending reports and documentation.

  • Documenting the work done with screenshots.

  • Recording of Invoices.

  • Finance – balance check.

How NSP can help your organization using IRPA?

  • NSP has been using the tools provided by SAP for years and has extensive implementation experience for large companies using SAP solutions.

  • By providing services to one of the large Polish corporations, we have provided them with the SAP IRPA solution, which, combined with other SAP tools, supports employees in their daily work.

  • We have connected 17 robots supporting the work of the customer service and marketing department, and more robots are under preparation.

Use Case: Business Process Flow of the IRPA Bot Logging Complain to a supplier

Before the implementation of the IRPA Bot, Complaint logging was a lenghty manual process:

  • Employees begin their work by searching for all complaints that need to be handled.

  • Data are saved in an Excel file, from which employees manually copy the notification numbers and search for the notification in the system.

  • The complaint form on the website is completed on the basis of information from the found application.

  • The data generated on the manufacturer’s website is transferred to the complaint system.

  • Employees create reports in Excel and send them to other departments.

As described in the Process Flow above, after implementation of the solution, the IRPA Bot has replaced the employees for most of the tasks, the employee only looks at exception and can focus on another task more valuable.

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