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sales process automation


Your company delivers different products or services to its customers. Sales process begins when you promote your offer on the market.

Market Development Team identifies customer’s needs, monitors new sales opportunities, meets potential customers on various events such as trade shows, conferences, etc.

Sales Representatives continue the process by encouraging customers to buy your products or services and finish the deals.

All of them need a tool to register their activities such as meetings, presentations, e-mails, phone-calls related to particular activity. All necessary information such as contacts, activities, documents, competitors, etc. should be available for sales team in one place and at any time. It also should be connected directly to Customer Service Team to enable them to close the deal in your ERP system or to assist the customer if he needs.


The best solution is SAP Sales Cloud, which is available on any device both on-line and off-line to support your sales team in:

Our Sales Process Automation solution helps you to manage:

  • Accounts and Contacts Management for basic data and relationships for all involved parties

  • Opportunity Management as a one main transaction for the entire sales process

  • Activity Management to connect team members’ activities within particular deal

  • Store all relevant deal information in one place available for defined users

  • Connect with ERP backend systems to have access to products and pricing data in real time

  • MS Outlook integration to improve task management

  • Sales Analytics to track real-time sales performance, review forecasts or identify key deals



Product & Benefits

For more details, please check our Product Whitepaper.

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